Quotes that inspired me #2

With so many ideas coming and going in and out of my head every day, it’s hard sometimes to find the time to write them all down. And it’s even harder to find the right ones to share with friends, family or others. Because they will judge your stories no matter what, they will think of ways to fix it Continue reading


Death too must be earned

I have always wondered what immortals feel in the fantasy books I read. How do they perceive life and what is their purpose? Are they lonely when all their friends and family pass away? And when they manage to disconnect themselves from the mortal life, away from all these problems, do they miss it?   Continue reading

Quotes that inspired me #1

I wanted to start a series of quotes that I read and inspired or helped me in my writing. I collected quite a few of them and it would be a shame not to share them with you. Hope they will help and encourage you as they did to me.  Continue reading



This is a short story about heroes and villains. Is about when the line between them becomes blurry and you are not sure who to trust. Who to turn to. Are all people only bad, only good? What if the hero does something unforgivable? Do they turn into the ones they once used to fight? Continue reading